Our team

With over 40 years of experience, AND International is an independent research firm specialized in the food industry. The firm is composed of economists, fisheries and aquaculture experts, agronomists and ecologists. Strengthened by an international network of partners and collaborators, we intervene in France and abroad. Our interdisciplinarity enables us to provide support to development projects and counsel to institutions, regional and local authorities, and also to the private sector, including cooperatives.

Christian Renault

Economist. Partner and AND-I consultant since 1983. Expert in the organic and conventional agri-food sectors, carrying out interventions as diverse as sector analyses, market studies, professional observatories, auditing of professional organizations, production cost analyses, auditing and support for local development projects, workshops and conferences, and the evaluation of agricultural public policies, at the European, national or regional levels.

Séverine Renault

Economist. Partner and co-manager. AND-I consultant since 2005, specialized in the evaluation of public policies and the support of public bodies (quantitative and qualitative methods, consultation…) in the fields of the Common Fisheries Policy, the Common Agricultural Policy and European funds. Long experience in project management involving multiple French and European partners.

Tanguy Chever

Agricultural engineer. Partner and co-manager. AND-I consultant since 2008. Specialized in the economic analysis of agricultural and seafood sectors and in the evaluation of public policies (agriculture, agri-environment, fishing and aquaculture). Within the AND International team, he also developed a specific expertise on the economics of products under quality schemes (geographical indications and organic) and the wine industry.

Violaine Romieu

Agricultural engineer. Associate. AND-I consultant since 2010. Expert in the evaluation of public policies at the regional, national and European levels, she has a solid knowledge of the agricultural and agri-food sectors, and a long experience in evaluation studies, sectoral studies and economic analyses.

Lucas Herry

Fisheries and aquatic sciences engineer. Partner. AND-I consultant since 2015. Specialist in the evaluation of public policies and the analysis of fisheries sectors at the European, national and regional levels. Expert on fisheries and aquaculture markets in France and Europe.

Clément Lepeule

Agricultural engineer. Partner. He joined the AND International team in 2018. Specialist in the evaluation of agricultural and environmental policies, advising of professional bodies and the conducting of sectoral studies with communities, professional organizations and private bodies. He is an expert in the economics of the organic, fruit and vegetable, and field crop sectors and in agro-ecological transition issues.

Safa Souidi

Fisheries and aquatic sciences engineer. Partner. AND-I consultant since 2016. Specialist in the evaluation of maritime and agricultural public policies and the analysis of fisheries and agri-food sectors. Expert in European public policies related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Natasha Janosevic

Administrative Manager of AND-I since 2015, responsible for all administrative activities of the company as well as the constitution of administrative files in responses to calls for tender.

Benjamin Renault

Responsible for technical support for the management of surveys and the dissemination of results of several sectoral observatories.

Julien Potier

Agroeconomist. AND-I consultant since 2022. Specialized in climate and environmental policy analysis, international relations and global trade. Involved in economic analysis in the agricultural, fishery and aquaculture sectors at different levels.

Rose Cahagne

Biotechnology engineer. AND-I consultant since 2023, involved in public policy evaluation and economic analysis of the fishery, aquaculture and agricultural sector.